Monday, 30 January 2012

Hot Spot: Village Market @ Cape Quater

Warmer weather is our cue to explore the worlds of food, wine, creativity and design. The Village Market @ Cape Quarter is just the place for that. From crêpes dripping with chocolate to a more healthy vegetarian dish, I can't think of anyone that'll be left feeling unsatisfied.

The enticing, local cuisine is enough to make any mouth water. Especially the sushi from Hamachi Zushi. So skilfully crafted, it almost looks too good to eat!

Make sure to check them out @
or phone 078 972 6972.

Another delicious dessert on the menu was heart shaped Dutch waffles. These are made on the spot so you can fall in love with the warm taste as it melts in your mouth.

Among the many sweet temptations are these pre packed savoury foods. A wide range of sauces, bars and burgers. To get more info visit or follow them on twitter @veegofoods.

Do the words chocolate mousse cupcakes, carrot cake or bulking brownies send your taste buds tingling? Well, then you better try these heavenly treats before they dwindle away in the hands of other customers. That cake had my name on it. But sure enough, after I'd made my rounds and come back to declare what's mine – every single slice was sold. Don't make the same mistake I did!

Oh, and did I mention the talented musicians and gorgeous coffee guys? This diverse market in the heart of Cape Town is not to be missed. Grab your hubby, auntie or best friend and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Cape Quarter. It's the only way to spend your sunny Sunday morning.

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